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Coinmate BTC/EUR linked
Connected, trading on

BTC = 39359.5 | 39460.3 USD
Buying 10.5% for 39049.8 USD
Selling 89.5% for 39735.5 USD

37226.2 EUR | 89.5% BTC
Robot: 0.921 BTC - 3897.7 EUR
Account: 0.921 BTC - 3897.7 EUR
UTC Time Total BTC Price Amount Fee
2.12 19:10 37192.4 89.5% 39380.4 0% taker
2.12 19:10 37213.7 89.5% 39357.6 4.1% taker
2.12 19:10 37153 85.4% 39301.1 0.2% taker
2.12 19:09 37093.9 85.3% 39209.7 0% maker
2.12 19:09 37067 85.2% 39238.6 10.9% maker
2.12 19:08 37141.8 74.4% 39261.9 10.9% taker
2.12 19:08 37068.5 63.4% 39172.6 13.6% taker
2.12 19:08 37008.3 49.7% 39009.4 25.1% taker
2.12 2:52 36984 24.5% 38811.1 -6.1% maker
1.12 10:04 36960.7 30.5% 38748.1 -6.1% maker
1.12 9:43 36899.4 36.5% 38614.8 -0.1% maker
26.11 20:46 36178.6 36.3% 37595.8 2.4% taker
Last optimised 2.12 21:46 UTC
Machine learning in queue

About Bitrobot Pro

Did you ever think about why hodling is so popular trading strategy for Bitcoin? This is because it is extremely difficult to develop an automatic trading algorithm which would be as efficient as Bitcoin itself during bull periods and which would at the same time effectively back-up user funds during price falls. At Bitrobot, we succeeded to design such a system.

Bitrobot Pro is market-making Bitcoin trading robot, operating in cloud and open to public subject to trading fees. It takes advantage of high crypto volatility by constantly placing buy and sell orders below and above current market price, biased towards buy or sell depending on the decision of its trading algorithm. It adopts machine learning methods to stochastically analyse Bitcoin history with the aim of maximising future profits, combined with milliseconds fast reaction to price movements which have not been anticipated. Bitrobot's unique feature is continuous self-adjustment, done separately for each and every robot instance for the particular settings of the user.

Pricing and Supported Exchanges

Fees are deduced once daily from your credit as long as trading is active (no charge for idle robots) based on total traded amount converted to USD (no pre-selection of pricing plan is needed). Every new account comes with 30 USD of complimentary credit, which makes for up to 30 days of trial period.

Partner Exchange
  • Below 1000 USD: 1 USD per day, 2 robots
  • 1000 to 10000 USD: FREE, 2 robots
  • Above 10000 USD: FREE, up to 5 robots
Standard Fees
  • Below 1000 USD: 1 USD per day, 1 robot
  • 1000 to 10000 USD: 2 USD per day, 1 robot
  • Above 10000 USD: 3 USD per day, up to 5 robots

Terms of Service

Bitrobot Pro (further referred to as Bitrobot) is neither crypto exchange nor financial services providing company: it is a consultancy service suggesting when to place crypto buy or sell orders and at what price, and placing that orders on your behalf through your personal exchange account. While we did our best to make the trading algorithm robust and profitable, there is no guarantee the user will not suffer direct or implied financial or other losses and Bitrobot shall not be liable for any such losses. Crypto market is highly volatile and you should only invest money which you can afford to loose. Bitrobot algorithm is stochastic in nature and two robots, even with identical settings, will not perform the same. Bitrobot respects your privacy following the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When you make use of Bitrobot, we will collect the following personal data from you: name, nationality and provided contact details. By using Bitrobot, you declare to be at least 18 years old.